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5am wake up call?

The boys are finally STTN but they keep waking up at 5am!.  Not to eat, because they eat at 7am.  They wake up and start chatting...and eventually (like an hour later) they cry so I get them.

5am is a little too early, if you ask me :)

Any tips on getting them to wake up later? The room is dark at that point and it doesn't make a difference when I adjust their bedtime.... 


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Re: 5am wake up call?

  • my boys went through a 5am phase, too - out of nowhere... they were waking around 7am and suddently switched to 5am... i am no help- b/c the only thing that "fixed" it was that the time changed around then - and so they started waking around 6am... and now in the past 3 days have been more towards 7am which normally would make me happy but we actually all need to be up around 6:15 to get out of the house in time for work, lol.

    have you tried taking them into bed with you to see if they'll fall back to sleep? our boys would do it usually...

  • If they're just chatting and playing at that hour, then maybe wait it out a few days. Once they get used to you not going in there to get them, they may not wake up so early. I haveno other advice. Good luck!!
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  • Thanks!

    I have tried bringing them in bed but they rarely go back to sleep again!...they think we're going to play...so I thought that was making it worse (because then they knew I would come to get them)...so that's why now I don't even go in until I can hear them crying...

     Funny how just a couple of months ago I would have done anything to get them to sleep until 5am straight...and now it seems like torture! haha

    It's so easy to get used to sleeping 7-8 hours again! heehee


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