Parenting after 35

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I saw in the post below that you had done Jenny Craig.....what was your exp with that? How was the food, the consultants, the program? Did you do the in-center or the home delivery? I lost all pg weight but would really like to kill another 20. I was hoping that I could do JC for about 3 mo and manage to do the 20 lbs in that time that realistic? My theory is that we are so busy with 2 kids that I am just eating crap food all the time because we either order in or eat whatever we can find at the last minute. So I figure if I have the JC program I have there food already here to eat and don't have to think about what am I going to have for dinner/lunch etc.  Also, on avg what do you generally spend per week on the food - I was guess-timating $100-$150?


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