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Back Pain

Hey Ladies.

I am 17 weeks tomorrow and have started experiencing bad back pain. Is this common at 17 weeks? I did stay on my feet alot of the day. We had a family cookout that started around 1130 and lasted until about 4.

I helped cook and clean the kitchen. Could this be the pain.  I just worry over everything and want to know that back pain is common.

And while I am asking I will ask about lower pressure. I get this lower pressure and pain. Is that normal with twins?


Thanks so much!

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Re: Back Pain

  • Gravity is shifting to your back. This is normal but if it continues i would def call your OB just to be sure. That's what they are there for. Never feel silly. As far as pressure down there i haven't had that so i'm not sure about that. Call your OB if you ever have any questions. Tthese babies depend on us to keep them (and you) healthy! I hope you are feeling better soon!
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