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Potty training AW!

Nate was ready to potty train before his second birthday and went days with going in his diaper but I was so sick with my pregnancy that I had no desire to teach him anything. Then now of course, I think I really need him to be potty trained before the baby arrives but wanted to wait for Sebastian to be off school so I wouldn't have to leave the house.

Well this week, he has been taking his diaper off everytime he has to pee and has not went a single diaper (other than at night). So since Friday afternoon I kept him naked and even Sebastian was making sure he went to the potty often and even went with him and applauded him each time he went (which I think was so flippin cute), Today he has gone all day diaper free without one single accident, he even went poop in the potty without telling anyone. I thouhgt he was playing in his room when all of a sudden I head him yelling for me in the bathroom. He was so proud and so was I!!!

So when they say, they'll do it when they are ready, they weren't kidding. This was the easiest potty training EVER and I hope it last. I bought him some Toy Story Pullups (he is obsessed) and told him they were big boy undies and couldn't wet them... he was so happy and kept staring at them.

Anyway, just had to share my excitement!!



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