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None of you have to answer this of course, but I'm wondering how much fertility treatments have cost you out of pocket? I know this is kind of a personal question, so please don't feel obligated to answer. I'm just trying to figure out our finances and we may possibly have to pay out of pocket if we need to go any further with treatments. My insurance pays 50% of eligible expenses after a $500 deductible. DH's insurance (my co-insurance) doesn't cover anything from what I can see. I've had lots of b/w done and ultrasounds, and as of right now, the only thing I've had to pay out of pocket was for prescriptions. I wonder if they're billing the b/w and ultrasounds as regular out-patient procedures and not for infertility? I would've thought I had to pay something by now... I haven't even gotten a bill for my HSG yet, but I'm going to assume I'll probably have to pay something for that. So, again, I'm just curious how much some of you ladies have had to pay out of pocket so I can kind of prepare myself for worst-case scenario. Right now, I'm seeing an ob/gyn and being monitored with her as well, and will likely go to an RE next cycle. Are things like b/w and ultrasounds billed differently with an RE vs. obgyn?

Sorry everyone, I'm having a lazy Sunday and have lots of my mind. Thanks for all the support and answers you've given me thus far. I truly am grateful that there is a forum out there for women like me. :)


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Re: Financing

  • Some places bill on a month cycle, so you'll probably see your expenses like the HSG come through soon.  Even if your insurance for some reason covered it, you should get a "Statement of Benefits" from your insurance company details what they've been billed and what they cover. 

    My coverage is similar to yours except I have a higher deductible and some prescription coverage. 

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