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Dreading going back to work...

The last night I worked (Wednesday) is when I miscarried...spotting at the beginning of my shift...heavy bleeding as my shift was ending.  And I'm a nurse in the NICU...surrounded by babies.  I'm starting to feel a little anxious about the whole thing, but I know I eventually have to go back to work.

Also...did anyone experience horrible headaches after they m/c'd?  Not sure if it's related to the change in hormones...or just the stress of everything.

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Re: Dreading going back to work...

  • I didn't know you are a NICU nurse. 

    I had horrible headaches for about 3 weeks. My dr said it was probably a mixture of hormones, stress and grief

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  • MCH77MCH77 member
    My last day of work was Wed as well and I go back on Tuesday.  I am dreading it.  I am lucky to work in a HS, so I only have 19 days left.  But it is high stress time and I don't know if I can do everything I need to.

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  • So hard that must be to face work when babies will be all around - I can't imagine - I'll be thinking of you. GL
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  • Oh that is tough! ((hugs))

    I definitely had horrible headaches after the m/c that slowly but surely got less intense and less frequent for a few weeks before going away. 

    I hope your coworkers are supportive and it goes as smoothly as possible.

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  • Certainly have the headaches, although I have been blaming them on the end of the school year, but maybe they are related to the m/c. ?I also had very sore muscles in my legs and lower back for a couple days following my natural m/c. ?I am thinking that I was tensing up because of the cramping and pain. ?Most of it happened during the middle of the night and I managed to sleep through it, so I wonder if that was my body's way of dealing with the pain.
  • I didn't know you worked in the NICU either. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow ((hugs))
  • I'm so sorry you have to go back to work so soon!!! I was told not to go back until my 6 week check up and although it's killing us in the money department, I'm glad that I'm at home. I need this time right now. I work for Verizon and I have a feeling I'd completely flip on the first douche bag that came in and ticked me off. My nerves are so unbelievebly shot right now. Good luck going back. I believe this is a time to test your strength!!
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  • I'm sorry for your loss and that you had to go through that at work.

    I have not had a problem with headaches.  Hope they get better soon :)

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