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Anyone else around today?

It's pretty quiet on the board today. Guess everyone's out having fun - which is good.

I was invited to a BBQ, but decided I wasn't up to it ... DH is home with me, but he's sleeping bc he worked the night ... soooo I'm just bored now ... anyone else around?

Re: Anyone else around today?

  • It's very quiet around here today. ?

    We are working on the basement family room and doing some other stuff around the house. ?DH is painting right now, then we have to install the baseboard so that it's ready for carpet on Tuesday! ?We are headed to a grad party in a bit. ?Just kinda keeping it a low key weekend since the next 2 weeks will be wild with the end of the school year and a get together at our house on Saturday.?

  • I'm around. Spent about 2 hours taking an afternoon nap and am catching up on Grey's Anatomy. Have to go to in-laws in an hour. It will be the first time seeing them since the MC in March. I'm a little nervous. I hope it's not awkward. They already treat me like I'm a unicorn so this could be weird.
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  • I was thinking the same thing!! I'm here!! We are just sitting around the house doing nothing. I check on here maybe like every two hours.
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  • I'm here off-and-on today...

    Having a better day today...but it's still rough.  Less crying, but still sad...and angry at the situation.

    DH, DS, and I are going to grill some burgers tonight and just relax.  

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  • I'm just on my phone on my lunch break :)  But I will be on in 6 hrs or so after work.
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  • I'm here for a little bit. MH is out riding his motorcycle right now so I decided to get on line
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  • I've been here today too, trying to decide if I should vent or just get over it. I did some gardening this morning and have been watching DH play video games and relaxing this afternoon. Headed to the dog park soon and then out to dinner with friends. Yay for a 3 day weekend!  

    Anyway, about the vent, I'm going to do it becuase It feels better. We had a party last night and it was a blast except that our friend announced her pregnancy (she's about 5-6 weeks along now). I didn't realize I'd feel so sad. It was really hard. We were the first in my husband's group of friends to get pregnant and we hadn't told any of them about the pregnancy or the m/c. Anyway, when she told everyone, she seemed so happy and I was so jealous. I was really surprised by how sad/jealous I felt. I eventually told her and another friend about the m/c but regret it today. Bugger! We'll just have to keep on keepin' on...

  • DH and I have just been relaxing.  As I am typing this DH is working on making a cabinent for our electronics in our newly finished basement.  He asked me to come downstairs and be on my computer so I could still have his company near by.  It has still been very hard.  Crying is getting less.  DH is trying to be supportive but doesn't really know what to say so he goes don't dwell on it.  I know he means well but that isn't really what I want to hear right now.  I am not looking forward to going back to work on Tuesday. 
  • Our friends are giving us "space," so we weren't invited anywhere for the holiday weekend :( Although I'm not sure I'd go anyway. DH says it's going to be up to use to contact them when I'm ready. I was forced by my mother to take a walk with her and the dog. It was good for me to get out. We bumped into my neighbor who knows about what happened, and it was probably therapeutic (sp?) for me to see someone other than DH and Mom who knows. Of course I cried. My body is also still healing so even after a walk I was physically drained. And none of my clothes fit. I'm going to have to buy some big old dresses from Old Navy to hide the belly fat which makes me so depressed...BUT trying not to dwell on what was supposed to be, and focusing on grieving and healing. All in due time.
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  • I've been checking in on and off all day, just on my phone though so I don't reply as often.

    Even being away, I still need to check on my girls! YouKve helped me though so much.

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  • I'm here now. Went to a movie with my mom this afternoon, and now I'm just waiting on SO to get home from work.
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