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Blood Type Resolution

Hey Ladies, SO we did one of those DNA paternity tests that you can buy at Walgreens and it said 99.99% that my husband is the father.  We are still waiting on the blood type analysis but presumable someone's was done wrong the first time...probably his since the twins have been tested twice.  Whew!  That's a relief.  p.s.  they had their first shots and weathered them well.  Dana is 10lbs4oz and mini Vanessa is just 7 lbs 11 oz but both are on their growth curves!  plus...we actually get more sleep since they only wake up once per night now!  Yea babies!

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  • Yay, that's so good to hear.  I was just thinking about you last night.  Congrats, that's got to be a huge stress reliever.
  • I've been on pins and needles to hear what happened.  SOOOO glad that you have good news!  Whew. 
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    Several ladies have been asking about you.  I'm glad you guys have everything resolved!



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  • That is a relief! Thanks for the update.
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    PHEW!!! That is such great news. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date : )
  • What a relief! So happy you got good news!
  • Thanks for the update, I've been wondering about you.
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  • that's great news - thanks for letting us know- i have been thinking about you!
  • Thanks for letting us know the resolution.  I was wondering about you last week.  What a relief!
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  • so happy to hear this, thanks for the update!
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