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Lets hear some positives for the day...

Amanda had her first shot yesterday and while sleepy hasn't been cranky or had a fever/

DH's aunt gave us her extra Cannon rebel xt so we don't have to buy one.

Its gorgeous outside, the nicest memoral day weekend weather I can remember in a LONG time.


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Re: Lets hear some positives for the day...

  • - I had a wonderful shower

    - My friend's graduation party is tonight, and that should be a really good time. 

    - I'm not at work today!

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  • My positives:

    Since the keying and flag stealing incidents yesterday, the police have been patrolling our block like every 15 minutes.  Oddly enough, I haven't had ANY problems with people trying to park in our parking lot.


    I'm drinking beer and getting ready to go out on the boat!


    It's a beautiful day and DH doesn't have to work as much as he thought he did so we actually get to enjoy today since yesterday was pretty much ruined. 

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  • - We're having steaks for dinner.

    - Right now DH is out picking up my favorite mexican food for lunch.

    - We're going to our BFF's house tonight.

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  • Lambie.Lambie. member
    I am having a baby in 3 days.  Eeep!
  • I have a clean house right now. 


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  • Just finished a really nice hike all by myself. I took my nice 35mm camera and lenses and shot 4 rolls.

    I have been very consistant with my workouts for a while now, so my hike today was fun instead of a drag.

    My mom bought Photoshop Elements, but hasn't been using it. She is going to bring it to me the disks in three weeks and let me have it!

    I have had a smile on my face since a conversation with DH Thursday night. I'm not sure it will go away anytime soon. :D


  • - I have my house back to myself (mom went home yesterday)

    - I'm feeling pretty good, still keep getting BH contrax but other than that I'm not too sore anymore from surgery..

    - Baby is still IN!

    - Im going to eat some butterfinger ice cream. Oh yeah.

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  • I've had a wonderful and simple weekend with A.

    We're spending the day with my family.

    Next weekend is going to be wonderful, too.  

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