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Why did I look!?

One of my best friends had her first baby thursday, and I'm super excited for her. She finally posted pictures on Facebook and all I could think was "i should still be pregnant..." we were planning vacations to visit each other so our kids could be friends. *sigh* 


Facebook, you suck.  

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Re: Why did I look!?

  • My thoughts exactly and it's only going to get worse as I approach my EDD. I hate FB, yet I keep going back and looking at everyone elses beautiful happy pictures of their babies. I do it to myself by looking, but this is why I always have FB and TheBump open in my browser at the same time. When FB becomes overwhelming, I jump back on this board. Luv u ladies!

  • I'm guilty. Same thing...brand new baby pictures posted from a girl I was roommates with in college...Stupid Facebook.
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  • I'm guilty of that sort of thing here on the Bump. I lurk on the Dec and 1st tri board to see everyones progress (thats where I posted when pg) and now I look at 3rd tri and pgal to see evryone's bumps, birth stories, and baby pictures. I'm so stupid b/c it makes me so bummed everytime!

    Why do we do this to ourselves?
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  • i havent been on FB since BFP and i cant bare to! way too many baby pics lurking around there and happy parents and all that crud.
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