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Rash under neck - infection?

DH and I noticed last night that LO has a small rash under her neck.  We were out late visiting family and so we inspected it more closely this morning while giving Delaney her bath.  It's a small rash, but it had some white patches on it as well.  Of course, her neck is like a sharpei and it's all the way in where the fold of her neck is and hard to get to.  I cleansed it throroughly and dried it thoroughly as well.  We'll see how it looks after her nap - do you think it might be a yeast/fungal infection?  Have any of you had experience with this?  Of course we notice this on a holiday weekend....just wondering if there is an OTC cream you may have used or if the pedi needs to prescribe something?  
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Re: Rash under neck - infection?

  • steverstever member

    Lots of girls on here have had experience with that, and I for sure have had problems with my chunky M getting chub-fold rashes.

    Our pedi told us just to be extra vigilant at keeping the area clean and dry and, if i didn't improve, to put some cortizone cream on it. 

    We never needed the cream and the rashes became less frequent/severe once he started thinning out from moving around more.

  • I'm sorry I don't have any advice since Maddie is such a lil' peanut, but I do think it's quite common, esp. in humid areas, and lots of moms have posted about it. I am sure they'll have lots of ideas and suggestions.

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  • C gets it sometimes.. of course he's rashy everywhere!   Just be kind of vigillant about keeping the area clean and it will probably clear up without too much trouble.

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  • Thanks-it's looking a bit better since this morning.
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  • We get the same thing with Izze. We'll wash and dry it and apply cornstarch to keep it dry. If it looks bad, I put a thin layer of her diaper cream (we use triple paste). It clears it up pretty quick.
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