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Feb. Love-Bugs Roll Call

Hey Ladies, Congrats to everyone! I want to organize a screen-name, name and due date list for our birth month!! Since we have a badge, I figured we can just be called Feb. Love-Bugs! I hope that sounds good to everyone.  I will keep the list and re-post every few days. If you can just start to add your name and edd, that will be great. You can also give a brief intro. 

My name is Kim and my EDD is 2-1-11

DH and I have been trying for 20 months to have a baby. This is a wonderful blessing for us. 

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Re: Feb. Love-Bugs Roll Call

  • Laura - EDD 2/1/11

    That's great, sciteach! Congratulations!

  • Kristin EDD 2/2/11
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  • ReeseMReeseM member

    Reese EDD 2/4/11. I will have an u/s in 2 weeks and I am sure they will change my date. But that is based upon ovulation date.

    Baby #2, Cycle #7 TTC

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  • My name is Brandi and my edd is 2-8-11. DH and I have been married for 5 years and this is will be our 3rd child. We are very excited! Good luck to everyone during this exciting time. Enjoy all the little things because this time will pass all too soon.


  • I'm Angela and based on ovualtion I am due 02.07.11, but I have an u/s on June 14th and the doctor may change my due date then. We have been TTC #1 since September of 09. Congratulations to everybody!
    married 09.06.08
    BFP #1 - m/c on 12.22.09 @ 8w3d
    BFP #2 - d&c on 07.22.10 @11w1d
    BFP #3 - DS born on 06.22.11 @41w3d!
    BFP #4 - Due 04.24.13
  • Lkat17Lkat17 member
    yay! I just got my BFP this morning. I'm not sure I believe it yet. My name is Leah and my EDD based on ovulation day is February 7th.

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    m/c 6/10 
    missed miscarriage discovered at 11 weeks, natural miscarriage at home one week later 9/13
  • Hi!  I'm Em.  EDD 2.2.11!
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