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s/o ARCS vs PnP (a little long)

Thanks to those who responded to my earlier post... we've decided we will go ahead and get the ARCS, but i decided not to get the one i saw on CL (after seeing it, just didnt look to be in "new" condition).... so i think we will just register for one unless i find a better one on CL or at a consignment shop or something

now 2 questions:

1) did you get the mini or full-size? I really like how compact the mini is, but the full-size has a bit of a higher weight limit. (23lb vs 30lb).... and the full-size has the option to covert to a playard (PnP style) so that's an added feature. (although it is $50 more, so for that price I could always buy a PnP, especially if i get one 2nd hand)

2) if you have an ARCS, do you have/use a PnP as well? I'm thinking the PnP would be good for when LO is being babysat (could be used for sleeping in at the babysitter's house) or for naps at home downstairs (LO's room will be upstairs)


FWIW, we are probably only planning on co-sleeping for the first several months. Once s/he is no longer waking multiple times during the night for feedings then we will move him/her to the nursery upstairs.



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Re: s/o ARCS vs PnP (a little long)

  • Sally JSally J member

    I used a PNP for the cosleeper in the first couple months, then we switched to bedsharing, so I can't help you on the ARCS.  I can give you an idea on weight limits...

    My DS reached 23 lbs at 9 mos old and has always been off the charts with height and weight.  He didn't reach 30 lbs until 19 months old.

    My DD reached 23 lbs at 19 mos old and still isn't 30 lbs at 2.5 yrs old.  She's always been in the 50th percentile.

    Seems like the mini would work fine for the weight limits, but again I never used one. 

  • I have the mini because it's what I found on craigslist, our room is fairly small, and I wasn't worried about the weigh limit because babies on both sides of our families are typically pretty small. We also have a PNP because we have a 2 story house and I spend most of the day downstairs. So the PNP is set up in the family room and the ARCS is in the bedroom upstairs. In my case, having the PNP is a huge help but I suppose it depends on your situation.
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  • We went with the mini because we figured that by the time DS reached the weight limit, he would be sleeping in his own crib.  Also with the way our bedroom is set up, the mini made more sense.

    We also have a PnP with a bassinet in our living room that we use when we are downstairs.  I like both and am glad that we have them because DS loves them and sleeps really well in either.  It's nice being able to keep an eye on him when he naps without having to run up and down stairs all of the time.

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  • So, first re:the weight limit. Our son is 15 pounds at 4 months, so he may be 19 by 6 months. Not sure if you anticipate wanting to be done with co-sleeping at that point.

    Also, we have a PnP because we have a dog and wanted our son to be able to have tummy time without being licked all over the whole time. We still do put him on the floor etc so they can interact but it's nice for him to have some protected freedom. 

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  • ibisibis member

    We have the AR "Clear Vue" that we found on CL. I think it's the same size as the original.

    DS was 15 lbs 6 oz at his 4 mo checkup - about 65% for weight I think they said.

    It's really hard to predict how long your LO will be waking up through the night to nurse. DS still wakes up every 2 hours all night long, which is why I don't even use the co-sleeper anymore...easier just to have him in bed! I guess the question you should ask yourself is whether, at a certain point, you will try to do any sleep training. We aren't trying that, so DS may be getting up a lot, and therefore co sleeping, for quite some time. The books will say "most" babies sleep through the night at 3-4 mo, but if you talk to moms, many babies do not.

    We have a P&P but never use it. Our house is so small there isn't really a use or place for it right now.  

  • I have the original, and I'm very glad I got that instead of the mini. One thing I didn't realize before I had DD was that you can't use the co-sleeper part of the original or the mini once the baby can sit up because it isn't safe. So, a mini would have been worthless for us after just 5 months. I still use our original, though, whenever we travel and any time we're over at my in law's (several times a month). I have it set up as a pack and play. I'm really glad I have it instead of a regular pack and play because it's much sturdier and the sheets are so much better and safer (they have elastic vs. PNP sheets that don't and that come off easily).
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