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Nighttime Routine?

When did you begin a nighttime routine (bath, bottle, whatever) in an effort to establish a set schedule of activities before putting your LO down for bed?  What time do you put your LO down?

What books did you use in terms of sleep training and when did you begin reading them?  I've started reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child but I'm still really confused as to how/when to implement the early bedtime and routine- but maybe I'm not at that part of the book yet. 

Baby is on a consistent 3-4 hour schedule of eat, play, nap.  This seems to be stretching, on a whole, more toward 4 hours.  Typically at night he is sleeping a full 4-5 hours (put him down between 9-11pm), with one feeding in the middle of the night and then he'll sleep 3-4 addt'l hours.  He sleeps in his crib, in his room at night and during some of his daytime naps.



Re: Nighttime Routine?

  • We didn't start a bedtime routine until 3 months, which is when he moved from our room to his own.  I don't remember what time he went down then, I think it was still later, like 10.  I don't think we started an early bedtime until probably 5 months or so.  DS was a terrible sleeper and woke every 2.5 hours until 6 months or so and didn't sleep through the night until 8 mo.

    I liked the book The No Cry Sleep Solution.

    Good Luck!

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  • We started a night time routine at about 10 weeks.  We started at 8pm then it started getting progressively earlier as he got older.  By 7 or 8 months it was 6:45pm.  I think go with your LO's cues.  Now LO goes to bed between 7&7:30pm and wakes up between 6&6:30am.   I read HSHHC and it was a great book but I don't think the early sleep time is appliable until older maybe over 6 months.   It sounds like your LO is doing pretty good with his sleep at night.  Try not to worry to much b/c once you think you have something figured out they switch it up on you.  GL and HTH.
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  • Probably around 3 months or so. It is hard when they are not yet sleeping through the night. I'd say if you have enough brainpower to be thinking about a routine you are doing great at this point! :)
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