Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

How to tell theBump that I'm no longer pregnant?

I've just had a mc and I've edited my account to say I'm not pregnant, but every time I login, it still tells me how many weeks pregnant I am - which I'm not any more.

It's most distressing

How can I turn this off?



Re: How to tell theBump that I'm no longer pregnant?

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    Sorry for your loss.  Go to "my bump" then "my profile" then under my or our family edit it there.
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  • Sad went to my profile but there were no options to change my status. Wish there is a way around this.
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  • Yes, there's a tab on your profile that says "family." It's hard to find, but then once you click on it it will ask you about children.
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  • I had a hard time finding this too. I just emailed The Bump and they changed it for me.

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  • I found it but it didn't work. I clicked the x but it keeps telling me I'm pregnant. I guess I'll have to email.
  • okay, looks like it finally worked
  • Finally it worked. I had to email them instead. Thanks everyone!
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