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jackie...so i don't have twins?

i just read your post on what our doc's comment. i was shocked. shocked at the fact he said that and shocked to find out lucas and sofia are not twins. why didn't he tell me? lol. i really was suprised by his comment, he was always tactful w/ us. are his boys identical? for some reason i thought they were faternal. regardless, wouldn't that make any set of faternal twins, whether same or different sex, "just siblings with the same bday"?

adri was right about lucas and sofia being super close. they shared a uterus and have been together their entire, albeit short, life.

it was a silly comment.

Re: jackie...so i don't have twins?

  • Very strange comment!  DH and I were so perplexed by it. LOL  
    -- Jackie
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