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Questions for sling users

So I've been using our pouch sling in the tummy to tummy hold with LO.

She's been liking it quite a bit which is making me think I might get a wrap for use in longer periods of time.

However, a couple of questions:

1) After she's been in the tummy to tummy hold there are red marks on the backs of her legs. So my question is, at what point do these marks become a concern? Should there be no marks, and I'm using it incorrectly? Is it just the nature of the sling? I'm just wary of her circulation.

2) She tends to spit up quite a bit and being in the sling is aggravating this, meaning I am constantly cleaning it. So again, could I be using it better, or is it just the nature of a sicky baby being upright? (she tends to vomit more if she's upright on my knee, in her carseat as well)


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Re: Questions for sling users

  • Kate--I can't answer your questions, but I'm concerned about the spitting up.  If you have not already mentioned this to your ped...please do.  My  little one had GERD and our GI doctor mentioned that the car seat position is actually really bad for little GERDlings.  I just wonder if your little one is going through the same thing. 
  • As long as the red marks go away when she's out of the sling they are fine. It's like waking up with pillow marks on your face.

    Ditto the PP about talking to your ped about reflux. Some positions make it worse.

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  • Hi there, 

    thanks for the answers onthe sling and the thoughts about reflux.

    I have discussed it with my doctor, as a couple of months ago it was really upsetting her. he gave us gaviscon which worked some.

    Now she isn't in any discomfort, it got bad for about three weeks but has passed, and she has constantly had healthy weight gains.

    So Dr and I are both unconcerned.

    It's more the hassle factor of cleaning at this stage. 

    Elizabeth 5yrs old Jane 3yrs old

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