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Secondary IF

understanding Secondary - IF -- i just don't get it

We have been trying for 11 months for DC#2. We got pregnant on cycle #2 for DS #1. I have read some about secondary IF but i don't really understand the causes of it.I may get some answers as I have an OB appointment next week but I am wondering if anyone else has experiences similar to mine. Did anyone else have no trouble with DC#1 but did have more trouble with DC#2? Can I ask what your troubles were? Did we just get really lucky the first time? Please don't flame about my lack of knowledge - I am just frustrated and don't really understand why we might be having trouble...?!?!
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Re: understanding Secondary - IF -- i just don't get it

  • It took us a year with dd but we didn't necessarily have "trouble". This time around I expected it to take a while but I am now on cycle #16 (I think, I have stopped keeping track) and am getting treatment. In my case, I ovulate every month around the same time. I have regular cycles and all of my and DH's tests have come back normal. I have no explanation which sucks. I know age can play a part but I am 30 so my re thinks it shouldn't be the issue.

    I guess what I am saying is that sometimes there is a reason and other times there isn't. I hope it happens for you soon. Good luck.

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  • You won't get flamed on this board :) 

    We got pg with DS right away, barely even trying. Then it took us almost a year before getting pg again (which sadly ended in miscarriage) and then 1 1/2 years after that before I got pregnant again (I needed medical assistance).

    I found out last year that I have severe endometriosis. Basically that is the sole cause for my infertility, as all our other tests come out fine. My dr thinks I've had endo all my life, and that I was lucky to get pg so easily with ds.

    Like pp said, sometimes there is a reason and sometimes it just takes longer. It's good you have an OB appointment so you can start any preliminary testing.

    Good luck, keep us posted! :) 

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  • For child # 1, there was absolutley no problems. I got KU so fast, my head spinned in circles. For this second one, which we have been trying for since birth of #1, well, as my RE says, "things change.".

    I have been diagnosed with ovulatory dysfunction and have been on four (going on five months) of clomid and ovidril. In June, I will have my third IUI, hopefully. My husband has super sperm, I have no mechanical difficulties, and now, we just wait it out.

    I have aksed God why so many times, that if I had a penny for each, I'd be a multi-millionaire. 

    Sometimes, there are no legitimate answers. 

    Good luck to you. Hopefully month 12 will be your lucky digit. 

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  • We had no problems concieving DS.  But at 10 days pp, I had a pretty massive hemorrage.  We didn't think there was any lasting damage after that, and neither did my doctors. 

    But, then I had 3 miscarriages and went to see an RE.  She did surgery and basically removed a ute full of scar tissue that she thinks came from the trauma right after DS.  We're hoping this "cures" me, but we're cautiously optimistic this time. 

    There's a great group of ladies on this board so feel free to ask lots of questions.  GL!

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  • I got pregnant with DD with no medical intervention.  I thought the same thing would happen again this time around. 

    We were SHOCKED to find out after many visits to my OB, 3 rounds of Clomid, and 2 different RE's, that I have a huge fibroid that is making it 100% impossible to get pregnant, a blocked tube, an enlarged ovary and a lot of cysts on my ovaries and tubes.  All combined, there is no way on earth I can get pregnant.  My RE was very clear about that.... none, zero, zilch, nada.  

    Praying that having it all removed and moving on to the expensive fertility treatments works and we will be lucky enough to be blessed with another child. 

  • We also got pregnant with our DD two cycles post BCP, not even trying. This time around it took us 10 months and a round of Clomid. For some reason, my cycles got longer and more irregular the further I got from the birth of my daughter (and the end of BFing). My BW was normal, but there was definitely something going on.

    I think the reason why this happens for people in our situation can vary greatly. Some people seem to have just gotten really lucky with #1, for others there's a clear cause for the change and for some it just seems to be an undefined change in our bodies that takes place after birth. Whatever the case, I hope your OB can get you on the right track to #2 :)

  • It took 5 months +1 m/c for #1.  Going on 2+ years + a failed IVF, multiple failed IUIs, 2 surgeries, etc.  I do have endo, but am not convinced that's what's keeping us from getting PG.  The endo does seem to be more severe since DS, though.
  • hope4ushope4us member

    I too got PG with DS first month off BCP...we thought it would take a couple months off the pill to get my body regular.  When we were ready to start trying for #2, I waited til he was about 18 months, thinking I was still fertile myrtle.  So after a few months and no BFP, I knew something was wrong.  We kept trying til almost a year (10 months) and went to see my OB.  She ran some blood tests, HSG, and a SA on my DH.  The HSG showed minor dilatation in my tubes, but I still had spillage (dye went through but slowly).  Started seeing a RE and did a few cycles of clomid, clomid with inj, and a few IUI's...still nothing.

    We took a break for about 6 months and during that time I went back to my OB for abdominal pains, she had me get an U/S and the tech saw that one of my tubes was enlarged/cyst.  My OB was going to perform a lap to fix it, but when she was looking she noticed that it was a paratubal cyst.  She then opened me up like she would a c-sec and removed the cyst.  She also saw that my other tube had endo on it, she had to remove that one too.  I'm not sure if I had these issues when I got PG with DS or if it all happened during pregnancy or after my c-sec...all I know is he is my little miracle if I was like this before.

    So now I am back with my RE and just about to start IVF.  Hoping for a BFP next month.

    Everyone is different, some get PG right away and some don't.  It's a good thing you are going to see your OB and get checked out.  Hopefully she has some answers for you.  Keep us posted!  Crossing my fingers for you that a BFP is coming soon.  GL!

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  • hi! i also got pg with my son on first try and have now been trying for # 2 for over a year. I also had a m/c about a year ago when we first started trying for #2. We started seeing a fert specialist a few months ago and all the tests are coming up normal so it's unexplained. Just did my first round of clomid and iui so we'll see what happens with that.

    It is so frustrating but at the same time I do have a feeling that it's going to happen when it's supposed to.

    Good luck to you!

  • I unexpectedly and surprisingly got PG with my daughter not even trying (but not avoiding either) immediately after coming off BC pills for about 10 years.  After she was born I went back on BCP and came off when we were actively TTC #2.  I got PG immediately (didn't even get my first AF off BCP) but then it ended in m/c.  After that I broke out in terrible awful acne and my cycles began to be 40+ days.  After about 8 months or so I went to my OB to who sent me to RE for all the preliminary testing, HSG, etc....hubby had sperm test and was fine, etc. and I was immediately Dx with PCOS and given Metformin.  My insurance however refused to cover any treatment until I had been actively TTC for 2 years (at that point we reached a little over the 1 year mark).  The month I was supposed to go back to the RE to get Clomid Rx we unexpectedly got PG on our own and have been blessed that it stuck and all is good.

    I will never understand 2nd IF...it's a confusing thing for sure. You think it will be a no brainer getting knocked up so easy the first time around....it's like you're a toy dangling on a string.

    Anyway...GL to you! 

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  • I had no trouble getting pregnant, but had one miscarriage before and after the birth of my daughter.  I had an aggressive D&C after the second miscarriage which caused Asherman's Syndrome (scarring of the uterus) and had to have surgery and hormone treatment to correct it.
  • Ali212Ali212 member

    I don't get it either.  With DD, we got pregant pretty easily -- didn't use any fertility help.  It took a few cycles but I think that's normal and it had nothing to do with any fertility issues (that we could tell).  Now, are almost 2 years of TTC#2, I can't help but wonder if we got lucky first time around or if these issues are new.  We've done 6 months of clomid, 5 IUI cycles with injectibles and 4 IVF cycles and still nothing to show for it.  The REs just have given us a Dx of secondary IF which doesn't feel particularly conclusive for me.  My acupuncture dr even told me he thought I was going to be an 'easy' case when I first visited him....I guess I've really shown him. 


    I know -- secondary IF is so frustrating.

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  • I had a m/c before DS.  I've had 4 m/cs and an ectopic since him.  My progesterone is low and so is my thyroid function.  both are easily fixed, we're hoping for better luck now that i'm medicated.
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  • I guess there are so many reasons for secondary IF.

    Like so many of the women who responded to your post, I got PG with #1 in one month and with no intervention. But I've been trying for #2 for over two years. I know my problem. When I was 20 (15 years ago) I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I had one ovary removed and had chemo. One of my chemo drugs has caused premature ovarian failure. DD is truly a miracle baby. At last check, my FSH was 45 and RE said IVF with donor egg and adoption are my only options. If I hadn't been on birth control after cancer surgery I would have run out of eggs a long time ago and wouldn't have even had DD (3.5 y/o).

    The human body is so amazing. There are so many things that have to work just right in order for women to get pregnant. If just one thing is off it can send the whole system into a spin. Good luck to you and all of the women on this board. Infertility totally sucks but at least there is a place for us to ask questions and vent. :o)

  • I don't get it either.  With DS, I got pregnant the first month of trying.  Then last year we had a pull & pray "oops" pregnancy that ended in m/c.  Now I'm on my 8th month of TTC and no luck.  DH had his SA last week and everything was normal.  I had an HSG yesterday and all was clear.  So I have no idea what is taking so long this time around when it was so easy before.  Very frustrating.

     Good luck to you!

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