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Long 1st AF

Hi Guys,

 So I officially got my first AF after d&c on Thurs, May 20 - a few days before had spotting, then AF for 7 days, then now 3 days - so far - of spotting post AF...is this normal? it's like an extended AF....I want it to end so I can O again and then get AF again and THEN TTC! :) 

Re: Long 1st AF

  • I don't know because I haven't had mine yet :(  But it's early still for me...

    I hope she's gone soon!

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  • I hear ya! I got my 1st af on the 18th.  It started off "normal" but after about 3 days, it turned into spotting.  Today is the 1st day without the spotting (after 11 days of AF).  My normal af is like 3 days.  I hope my next cycle is normal because we too are going to ttc.
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  • With my first m/c the first AF was very long for me. Normally my cycles are 3 days and not extremely heavy.  That one was long, about 8-9 days and heavy.  But oddly no cramping whatsoever.   With my second m/c it wasn't quite as long, maybe 4-5 days but the cramping was horrible, very painful.  It took a while for my cycles to get back to normal after the second but slowly it did go right back to the same as before the m/c ... took about 3 cycles though before it did.
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