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newbie AF question

Embarrassed Can AF be "normal" after a very early loss (or any loss)?  AF bleeding has been exactly on "schedule" (27 days for me). However, after reviewing my CM chart, CM has not been normal.  I've been dry except about a week before AF I will start spotting for 3 days then dry again till AF arrives.  Does that mean no O??  I'm very new at this and still trying to figure it all out.  Any help would be appreciated!

Re: newbie AF question

  • I should have said RIGHT after loss....I bled 8 days during m/c with mild cramping, but after bleeding stopped, I bled again 6 days later that seemed exactly like AF....then a seemingly normal AF again 27 days later.  All the while during the cycle having no CM but light spotting about a week before bleeding....I'm very confused and you all probably are too...
  • You can't really determine if you ovulated based on CM alone. It's a great tool, but not very accurate by itself.
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  • Are you temping?  If you are, then look at the day where you had a temp spike for 3 or more days by about .4 degrees...then that means the day before the spike you ovulated.
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  • I just recently read about temping, and just started adding it to my chart.  (AF?) bleeding just ended, so I'll definitely pay attention.  Thanks!
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