Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

How could something simple be so hard?

Like going in our boat for a ride. I just can't bring myself to go. My first boat ride this summer was suppposed to be Auroras first boat ride ever. I just can't bring myself to go.

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Re: How could something simple be so hard?

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    I'm sorry, Maybe you should go, it may be a great calming experience. I hope you feel better (hug)

  • I felt the same way about going to see SATC2.  It was supposed to be my first girls night out while MH took care of Aidan.
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  • I know it is hard. Because you make all these plans in your head about how you think its going to be, and then when it changes, it hard to accept. I thought the first college football game we would have a baby at home. And family who come in town for the game would all come by. That weekend is going to be tough. Just hope I am KU again, so it will be more tolerable.
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  • There is nothing about losing a child that is simple....Yes, it's just a boat ride, but you attach a lot of hopes and dreams and plans to a baby and when the baby is gone it's hard to imagine the dreams and plans without them.  I haven't experienced exactly what you did, and can't imagine how hard this must be for you, but even in my short 11 weeks of being pregnant I caught a glimpse of what it was like to make those plans and envision life with a baby. 

    All that said, I personally think you should go.  Aurora will be there with you in spirit.  Plus the water is a healing place, very peaceful; perhaps it will make you feel a little better to be out on the water.

    Big hugs. 

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