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when am I supposed to lower the crib?

I've forgotten. Does it go down when she starts to sit upright? or when she might sit? or is it by age?

when did you lower your crib mattress? thanks!

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Re: when am I supposed to lower the crib?

  • We haven't lowered it yet - haven't even thought about it much until she was just looking over the rails moments ago when she was supposed to be napping. : )  While she rolls with the best of them and can sit pretty well on her own, she can't do it without someone putting her in that position, kwim? so once she can sit completely on her own and can pull herself up, that crib is going down... probably a couple more months.
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  • I should probably do that pretty soon...
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  • We lowered it when we thought LO was getting close to sitting up on his own.

    I was holding my breath and hoping that LO would hold off until his daddy came home from Iraq.  Fortunately, he did.  DH lowered the mattress when he got home and it was still a couple of weeks until LO sat up in his crib.

    We have a video monitor, so I was able to see how LO was moving around in his bed.

    Age-wise, we lowered LO's crib at about 9 months. 

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  • steverstever member
    We lowered the mattress as soon as he started to pull himself to a stand on things.
  •   I did at about 6 months as baby C could sit up and was starting to try to pull herself up! DH was away so I did it by myself and it wasn't that hard! I read to lower it all the way so you won't have to do it again in a few more months so thats what I did - I don't think she even noticed!
  • I lowered it when Adrian was sitting well unassisted and starting to pull himself up. I think it was around 7 months. First I lowered it a couple rungs and then when I found him standing up one morning, I realized it was still too high so now it's lowered all the way down. And the railing is at his shoulder level!
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  • I don't think there's a specific time when you are "supposed" to do it.. .just do it when you think the time is right. 

    C sits well and is starting to make moves that he wants to stand up in his crib.  This afternoon I caught him peeking over the rail--pulled himself up enough to peek.  It's getting lowered this weekend sometime.

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  • FWIW-my crib instructions said to lower it when they can pull themselves up.
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  • We lowered ours when I saw that she was attempting to pull herself up. Ideally, you want to lower it before the can do this. The worst way to find out they can pull up to a stand is for them to accidentally topple out of the crib....

    I think we lowered ours to the 2nd lowest setting. It hits just beneath her shoulders, however, I caught her peering over the rail at a toy and I think I am going to lower it to the bottom level this weekend.

    I think PPs idea about just dropping it all the way down is a good one.

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