If you mow the lawn, what do you wear? — The Bump

If you mow the lawn, what do you wear?

And do you deem it appropriate to mow in shorts and a sports bra?

Re: If you mow the lawn, what do you wear?

  • shorts & a tank top if it's hot out.

    I mowed the grass in my work clothes 3 days ago so what do I know.

  • If I had the tummy to pull it off I would wear a sports bra and shorts. However; I don't and I never will again (LOL) so I usually wear a tank and shorts.
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  • I think it's totally fine.
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  • My dh mows the lawn but I think if you got it flaunt it!
  • I don't even know where we keep the lawn mower, but I don't see anything wrong with that. 
  • My neighbor was mowing her lawn in a dress this morning.  I didn't get close enough to see if she was wearing heels as well...
  • The dress thing is awesome! I mowed recently in nice capris and a ruffly shirt. I had to hurry up before the rain came!

    My current yard is not big enough for a tractor, but one of these days we'll have a few acres and a tractor :)  I actually really enjoy mowing--it's great exercise! 

  • You better belive I have mowed in a sports bra and shorts.
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  • I'm too fat to wear just a sports bra... LOL No one would want to see that. But, I mow in a tank top and shorts. Smile
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  • i would wear shorts, and a tight fitting tank.  it is HOT and pushing that mower is hard, especially since we have a hill. 
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