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After 2 years and 4 IUIs I am thrilled to be pregnant with an IVF miracle baby (or babies).  This is my first pregnancy and, considering my history, I am a nervous wreck. Hopefully, through reading all of your experiences, I will feel a bit less anxious.  I calculated my due date at 2/5.  Congratulations to all of you on your BFP's.

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  • ReeseMReeseM member
    Hey there!! What did you decide about running?
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  • imageReeseM:
    Hey there!! What did you decide about running?

    I've decided to continue incline walking until I at least hear a HB.  I'll probably start running again when my RE releases me to my OB.  Like I said before my OB is more relaxed about the issue.  Plus she has known me many years and knows how active I am.  My RE doesn't know me as well and I think maybe that's why she is more conservative.

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  • Congrats and welcome!
    married 09.06.08
    BFP #1 - m/c on 12.22.09 @ 8w3d
    BFP #2 - d&c on 07.22.10 @11w1d
    BFP #3 - DS born on 06.22.11 @41w3d!
    BFP #4 - Due 04.24.13
  • imageikissedthecook:
    Congrats and welcome!

    Congrats to you too!

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  • congrats, sending you lots of sticky baby dust!!
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  • imagesciteach104:
    congrats, sending you lots of sticky baby dust!!

    Right back at ya!

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  • Congratulations!!! I remember being a total nervous wreck with #1, even without your history. Just try to take it one day at a time! Fingers crossed for a sticky baby!!
  • Lkat17Lkat17 member
    Hello and Congratulations!!

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    m/c 6/10 
    missed miscarriage discovered at 11 weeks, natural miscarriage at home one week later 9/13
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