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Seriously???? BF on beach story-

So I was under my umbrella... nursing Caleb under the nursing cover when this lady and her 18 year old daughter come over wanting to see the baby. So I respond telling the mother that I was nursing at the moment. What does she do??? She lifts up the cover and says "I dont mind".....

HA! Well I do!

My husband just about died.  He was very surprised on how calm I remained. But goood lord people...

Re: Seriously???? BF on beach story-

  • W...T...F???






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  • Wow.  I probably would have gone a little crazy on her.   WTF?!
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  • Are you friggin kidding me? I would have slapped her for sure! People are weird and rude. 
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  • OMG!!!  Wow the nerve of some people!  But at least she didn't say gross or something rude.  I would have just died!


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  • My eyes got huge reading this.  WTF?  I really don't know what else to say than people are crazy.
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  • I'm sorry; That woman is just psychotic. I would have been mortified!
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  • OH MY ASH!! That is awful... I would have been mortified as well.. How incredibly rude is that??????? ahaha.. ppl just irritate me... they are so rude. It's disgusting.
  • What a weirdo!
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    Haha. Maybe she just ASSumed since you were nursing in public you were vary comfortable with your body. I would have died. 
  • People have no boundries these days.  I think i would have been so stunned I would have been speechless.  Geesh. 
  • Dear General Public:

    Rule #1 - If my baby is covered, I do not want you touching it, whether it is in the stroller, a nursing cover, or in my belly.  In fact, unless I give you express permission or they are in eminent danger do not touch my baby at all.  Go back to kindergarten and learn to keep your hands to yourself.  Thanks.

    I would have died.  I didn't mind nursing in public, in fact what am I supposed to do, hide in my house for a year?  Stare away if you must, I am proud of my choice.  But if I am being modest enough to cover myself, then people should respect that and mind their own business and keep their paws to themselves.

    And what is it with boundaries these days?  I am having a hard time with people touching my belly all the time this pregnancy.  Strangers, especially.

  • I would have died!
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