2nd Trimester

What would you eat? (Clicky poll)

I have some snacks (you know this, if you saw my post last night about getting teased at the grocery store) and am feeling snacky.[Poll]

Re: What would you eat? (Clicky poll)

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    AND now I'm hungry again. *sigh*
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    lol! i remember reading your post about getting laughed at at the grocery store buying all of the above
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    i vote cheesecake!!


    i really want cheesecake

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    Lucky Charms are my staple.  I went through a box in two freaking days... atleast I get calcium right?  LOL.
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    i voted combo.. i would eat lucky charms with the peanut butter M&M's.. oh btw..thanks for making me hungry!!! lol
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    I voted 'none of the above' because right now I am having a zesty/salty/savory craving. Here are a few things I would choose:



    -beans and rice

    -salad with LOTS of italian or balsamic dressing of some kind

    -sticky rice 

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    I was just at the store and REALLY wanted peanutbutter M&M's but they didn't have any small bags and I figured that I should probably buy a big bag because I would eat it all so I had to settle for regular M&M's. It was kinda devastating! Crying
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    PB M&Ms on top of the cookie dough ice cream...
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    That's a tough call. I would choose the lucky charms, chubby hubby ice cream, or cookie dough- in that order, if I wasn't terribly allergic to all three of them.

    So, I would be forced to have the m&m's - and would probably choose the plain over peanut butter.

    If I didn't have lame food allergies, I would definitely go for the first choices I listed. And since they all sound so good, I would probably eat all 3.

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    Ice cream for sure. :)
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    Lucky Charms!!!!!  I think I ate a bowl of Lucky Charms every day I was pregnant with Em.
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    I've marked peanut butter M&Ms, although I might have marked choc chip cookie dough if there weren't eggs in it (i.e. if I thought it wasn't dangerous).

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