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Ahhhh! I'm going to have a toddler tomorrow!

I can't believe that a year ago today I was in labor (32 hours of labor, btw)and that tomorrow will be a year since the best thing that happened to me came into this world.  I honestly don't know how I lived my life before Matthew.  I have never loved like this before.  I was so selfish before...so immature...so small!

I'm heading to his school at 3 to throw a little party for him and tomorrow is the big party.  How am I going to keep it together as they sing Happy Birthday?!

I'm just hoping that the weather cooperates with us tomorrow!


Re: Ahhhh! I'm going to have a toddler tomorrow!

  • awww i can believe matthew is turning 1 already!!! time flies!!! and WOW 32 hours...power woman. 

    happy early bday matthew!!! hope you enjoy your mini bday party and your BIG bday party!! here's to good weather....i'm sure everything will turn out FABULOUS.

  • Aw, you made me all sentimental now.

    Wishing Matthew a wonderful birthday weekend, filled with tons of love and happiness!  Oh, and great weather too.

    -- Jackie
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  • Awww, your words are beautiful, Ivette!  Happy bday to Matthew!  Enjoy every minute of it!

  • Ivette, time has flown by I must say. May Mathew have a wonderful 1st birthday tomorrow and enjoy his day with mommy and friends at school. :) I will say it again, Mathew is so sticken cute. Definitely a little heartbreaker. hehehehe

  • It's amazing how fast they grow up.  Happy early birthday, Matthew.
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  • Happy Birthday!!! The 2nd year is so much fun!!
  • Aw, happy early birthday, Matthew!
  • Happy Birthday Matthew!!! I cried like a baby just setting up the day of his party..let's not even mention the tears shed when they actually sang him "Happy Birthday!" Praying for good weather tomorrow :)
    ~~Givette~~ Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers
  • I hope the weather hold's up for Matthew's birthday party.

    A big Happy Birthday a day in advance :)

  • Ayeee- he's such a big boy now! Congrats to you and daddy for surviving your first year with Matthew! I hope he has a great time at both parties!!
  • Awww Happy Birthday!

    Isn't it amazing how quickly time flies by?

    Congratulations to the both of you!

  • Aaaawww!  That first birthday is so bittersweet!
  • happy birthday Matthew!!!!!
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  • Happy Birthday Matthew!!  Eats lots of cake ;0) Congratulations mom on surviving the first year.  Enjoy the party and don't forget to post some pics for us to see..
  • Happy Birthday Matthew!.  I know just how you feel.  I felt the same what a week ago.  Now my Nicky is going full speed ahead.  I was reminiscing about his birth to. 
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    Hope Matthew had a wonderful 1st bday!!!
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