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Where to get maternity bathing suit?

So far I only looked at Kohls, no dice.

I'm going to Pentagon City Mall today to MAC make up - any place there you think would have bathing suits for pregnant ladies?  Motherhood Maternity maybe? 

I don't mind getting something kind of cheap, I doubt I'll be wearing it a TON and this is my last kid, so I don't need it to last past this summer...

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Re: Where to get maternity bathing suit?

  • Old Navy (possibly only online for this), JC Penney, and Target all carry inexpensive maternity swim wear.  Macy's may too, although I don't think it would be inexpensive.  I'm sure Motherhood does too but I really dislike that store.
  • when I was pg w/ DD I wore a really stretchy one-piece, it was non-maternity but it was so stretchy it fit (I was due in Oct). Do you have an old bathing suit like that?

    I want to take DD to the pool this weekend and am not sure it'll still fit but if not - I'll just not wear one, wear some shirt or something, not buying a suit for 1 weekend!

  • I had an Old Navy one last year. Had to buy it online, but loved it - and how cheap it was!
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  • I bought one from Target.
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  • I loved my Target one last summer.  I think I got each piece for about $13.
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  • I got mine at Motherhood.  I know Target used to carry them and probably still do, but they fit me really weird.
  • check out www.zulily.com  It's kind of like babysteals.  they had swimsuits the other day that were really cute.  I think they were normally $100-ish, but they were selling them for about 1/2
  • I got mine at Pea in a Pod, probably this time last year. The good thing about going now is that they are probably on sale, but the selection may be limited.
  • Thanks guys.  Got one at Motherhood for $25.  I know folks don't like that store, but I don't mind it for stuff like this - clothes I don't expect to last past one season.  It's actually really cute and it was on sale.  Then I went to Children's Place and got a shirt for $3.97 and pants for $3.97 for DD #1.  Who knew such bargains could be had at Pentagon City mall!?
    Wife, Musician, Fed, WW-er, and Mom of three little kids - not necessarily in that order.
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