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I know it's really too early for me to be thinking about this, but we have decided that this will be our last baby. Has anyone here tried (or know someone) the Mirena IUD while breastfeeding? I thought having some personal observations about never having to do this again, might help me through the rough post partum hormones. TIA!

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  • A woman in my Le Leche group is one it and still nursing.  Her LO is 18 mos old. 
  • I now have one and am still nursing.
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    I got mine in at 6 weeks pp & still nursing.  I have not had any problems.  My doctor recommended the mirena since I was planning to BF & wanted birth control that was low hormone since we are not positive we are done yet.

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  • I got one when ds was 4 mo and I was still nursing. it did not interfere with supply or have any negative effects, whatsoever. After 2 months of daily 'breakthrough bleeding', I didn't have a period until I got it out to TTC dd last april. It was fantastic and I loved it. highly recommend.
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  • I'm one of the unfortunate ones who has suffered Mirena's "rare" side effects.  I have had it in now for 2.5 years (since shortly after DD was born) - I was 36 then.  I've done a lot of reading and I just wonder if some of the effects are as rare as the company thinks they are (I'm not suggesting they are misleading anyone or false reporting ... it just seems like there are SO MANY women out there who post about and blog about side effects).  If you get it - I sincerely hope that you are one of the majority that have no side effects and reap all the benfits ... no periods, etc.

    My supply did drop on it, but at the time I didn't attribute it to Mirena because I had been told it had no effect on supply.  I've since learnd that some people do experience problems and that if they have Mirena removed their supply comes back.  I do not know how common this is at all.  Just what I have heard/read.

    Other effects that I attribute to Mirena - completely irregular bleeding up to this day, mood swings, short temper/fuse, anxiety, depression, hip pain, cramping, weight gain.  The effects are bad enough that my husband had a vasectomy so that I wouldn't have to suffer them anymore.  We're in the 4 month waiting period before he is cleared and I can have Mirena removed.  I can't wait to get it out!

  • I've had mine since 10 weeks pp and I love it. The cramps were bothersome for the first 48 hours after it was inserted and then I did have icky breakthrough bleeding for about 4 weeks - more of a nuisance than anything else.  As for BF, I have not noticed any drop in my supply at all. 

    Good luck!

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