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Anyone's DC kept back in daycare room because of delay?

I am going back to work on Tuesday and DH had an interview yesterday and hopefully another one next week so we've started looking at daycares for DS so we have something lined up for when DH finds a job.  DS turned two this past Saturday, but he functions more at a level of a 16-17 month old in motor and language areas.  We recently changed his EI playgroup to the 18-36 month group and he's really struggling in it because its more structured and more activities for the older kids that he's not into (he's the youngest in the group and the smallest in size because of his GI issues).  Most of the daycares we've looked at have the younger toddler room (12-24 months) and the older toddler room (24-36 months).  Part of us are thinking that he would do better in the younger toddler room until he's showing 24 month motor and language skills.  I plan on talking with his primary EI counselor next week, but I was just curious if anyone else has dealt with this. 


Re: Anyone's DC kept back in daycare room because of delay?

  • DS stayed in the infant room till he was about 18 months old.
    Typically, they (at his daycare) wanted kids off the bottle and self feeding. DS used is g-tube exclusively till he was about 18 months old, at which time we started transitioning him over to the toddler room.

    His daycare is more of a preschool so next week he'll be out for summer vacation and my sister will watch him. We're still on the fence about keeping him in the young toddler room when school picks back up this fall or move him over to the 2 year old room. His fine motor and speech are a little delayed, so at this point, I'm pretty sure we're just going to "wait and see" how this summer goes with EI therapy and everything.

    I pretty sure I didn't answer your question. Sorry.

  • DS was in daycare until I went on maternity leave fairly recently, and the age breakdown in our center was structured in much the same way.  He was 2.5 when we pulled him out, and he was still in the 12-24 month room, with no prospect of moving up anytime in the near future.  It was a much more appropriate place for him, given his language and socialization delays.  We were intially talking about sending him back for a month between when I have to return to work and when his public, SN preschool starts, and the director told me the plan was to keep him in that same room.  The older room at our center has a higher kid/teacher ratio, and DS would have been lost in there.  I think it is much better to consider skills rather than purely age when deciding room placement.
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  • Yes.

    It was a little strange for me at first because my girls are twins.  One is neurotypical and the other on the autism spectrum.

    My DD with autism stayed in the 18 month old room until she was like 30 months old.  My NT daughter went into the 2 year old room when she was 20 months old so she was one of the youngest ones in there but she was ready to move up early.

    I'm so happy my DD stayed behind.  She wasn't walking until about 26 months and would have been trampled by all those wild and crazy 2 year olds Smile

    She also didn't have any language at the time.  I'm all for keeping a child with children who have similar skills.  They can just get lost in the shuffle ohterwise.

  • Yes - my daughter is 13 months and she will be in the infant room at least until 18 months.  I'm hoping she will be crawling and cruising by then so we can think about moving her to the 12-18 month room.  She will likely not be ready for the 18-27 month room until she is at least 2.  I'm ok with her staying back - I want her to be motivated by I also want her to have extra attention and the better the ratio, the more likely that will happen. 
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