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Gifts for Godparents?

Hi ladies,

We just made arrangements to get our LO baptized at the end of June.  We've selected godparents, but I'm not sure what is expected from us for the godparents at the baptism.  I've heard/read that we should give them presents after the baptism, but no one mentioned what should be given.  Has anyone come across this or heard what is common?  Thanks for the help.

Re: Gifts for Godparents?

  • Someone posted about this a while back....we did not get gifts for our LO's GP's - but we took everyone to lunch afterwards.  Typically, the GP's get a gift for the LO.

    On the previous post about his, someone had said they were going to get the GP's a framed picture of the LO, which is nice.

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  • Woops - sorry about that.  I must not have checked far enough back before I posted this.  I apologize for the repost.

    Thanks for the info - I like the idea of the framed picture as well - very nice touch.

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  • No apologies! Just sharing some info from the prior post (I didn't want to take credit for it!)
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  • Thanks again - I had read on one board that you should read the old posts before posting.  I was thinking "great, I just joined this board and will get booted off for repeating a prior post" - lol.
  • Nah, we're sweeties.  Plus it takes forever to find some of those, may as well ask again!
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