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nbr: sheets?

Where do you buy your sheets? How much are they? Thread count?

How often do you throw away and buy new sheets?

We have had our sheets for 3 years now, since our wedding showers. They need to GO. Ours were from BBB and I loved them. Can't really afford $60+ sheets (queen) though. Any help?
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Re: nbr: sheets?

  • I usually find sheets at Kohl's in the clearance section. I would only throw away sheets if they had a hole or were thread bare. We have like 4 sets (cotton & flannel) that are a few years old.
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  • I don't buy sheets very often.  We usually rotate the same 2 sets of sheets until one is worn out, and then it gets replaced.  I normally buy sheets at TJ Maxx or Home Goods.  I try to find the highest quality (thread count) for a reasonable price.

    You can also check on Overstock.com if you can wait for them to be shipped to you.

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  • Hmmm...we buy ours at Costco, they are really nice and I think they are 600 or more thread count, I don't remember. But they are above your price range, but we have a king. I have never found really nice sheets lower than $60. But you can try Tuesday Morning, or TJ Maxx or Marshalls. I just saw on the Today show that this holiday is a good time to buy bedding, they suggested Macy's and JC Penny.

    ETA: We throw them out when the get holes or thread bare. Like ECU, we rotate 2 sets of really good sheets, then I have 1 jersey cotton set and 1 set that came with our bedding that we don't use.




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  • We have 4 sets of sheets, and rotate them between our bed and the guest bedroom bed. Most of ours aren't super fancy, but I do prefer 400+ thread count. You can get a nice set from Marshalls or HomeGoods for around $40 for a queen--that's where we've gotten some in the past.

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  • I got a set of king sheets at Ikea a couple weekends ago for $29.99.  Can't beat that!  They are plenty soft for us.
  • We recently bought 2 sets of king sheets at JCPenny.  They almost always have a good sale going on.  I don't remember the thread count--maybe 600?  But they are super soft and we went when they were having a sale plus a coupon promotion and got each set for $30!!  It was an awesome deal.  We usually have good luck with Pennys.

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  • We bought our King sheets at JP Pennys too.  I was skeptical, but they are my favorite sheets.  We paid I think 59.99 for 600 TC king sheets.  I'm sure they're having some sort of sale this weekend. 

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  • Warning: I'm a sheet snob and I get it from my mother. 

    We still have the same 2 sets from our wedding almost 4 years ago.  They are Wamsuttas from BB&B and I think are 600 thread count and 100% Egyptian Cotton.  They were approx. $100 for each set and still look and feel as good as they were brand new.  I don't plan on buying new ones for a while!  But the way I see it, you sleep on them for 6-8 hours per night, I'd rather pay $100 for a set for good quality.

  • I found some at Target on Clearance this past weekend - reduced from $59.99 to $13. I bought them because I thought they were cute, matched our bedding, cheap, and we really need a new set. Unfortunately, they are only 300 TC and definitely not as comfy as the rest of our sheets (which are getting really worn). I'd definitely splurge if possible.
  • I get Woolrich brand sheets at Target. Don't remember thread count or exact price, but they are totally reasonable and very comfy!
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