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Clomid at my age?

My RE called in a script for Clomid with an IUI coming up.  I've read that Clomid isn't usually used for us, um, ahem, "older" more mature women?  Especially with a high FSH.  Anybody else heard this?  I've called back to ask about it and am waiting for a call back.  The nurse did say a few weeks ago that they would either do Clomid or Femara.  Would Femara be better for my age?  I know that no one is a Dr, just wondering what others experiences are Wink

Thank you ladies, you're the best!!!

 ETA - I'm 39 and my last FSH was 18 (I know, I know), it's our last ditch effort before adoption.

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Re: Clomid at my age?

  • My fertility doctor did a clomid trial for my first round because he wanted to have something to measure the follicle growth to when I started the injectables. We discovered clomid made little difference. He had to have a comparison but we did not do an IUI that month because my insurance only covered $3000 lifetime and he didn't want to waste my $ on an IUI with meds that we weren't sure were making a difference. I don't have any problems with my FSH levels so I'm not sure if that makes a difference. Good luck!
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  • My stats: I turned 38 in April and the last time my FSH was checked is was 5.4 (or something close to that).

    I've tried several rounds of clomid and a couple of femara through my OB.  I got pregnant once when using clomid in the very beginning of trying but never did again.  Once I went to my RE this past December, he told me that clomid/femara doesn't work well with women our age (I think someone else said their RE told them the same) so he had me try gonal-f w/TI.  I responded very will to the injections and got pregnant on the first cycle using them (unfortunately, I m/c).

     I wish I could remember the explanation for why they don't work, I wanna say they just aren't as strong as injections.

    Saying that, there are plenty of us oldies that have gotten pregnant when using clomid/femara so it's certainly not impossible.


    Good luck!



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  • I am 37 and I have taken 3 rounds of Clomid.  I have a really good FSH number for my age (3.4) so I don't know if that makes a difference or not.
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  • I've had 2 different REs tell me they don't recommend Clomid for women over 35.  
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    I did Clomid and IUI at 37 but it turned out that DH had MFI so it was a bust.  I would as your RE about it.  S/he should be able to tell you.  GL to you!
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  • Thank you so much ladies.  Well, got the call back and of course he said stay the course.  It just makes me wonder if he is considered a High FSH friendly RE, you know?  I'm sure one month won't hurt anything though.
    Mother of a beautiful little boy 11/01/07! Expecting #2 EDD 9/28/11 What a wonderful surprise!!!
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