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Letter/number mat

We bought this for our living room floor, and it has worked so well for Evan.  He spits up quite a bit, so it cleans up a lot easier than carpet, he LOVES the color and the softness, and it is much more comfortable for us to lay on the floor with him.  Good purchase!
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Re: Letter/number mat

  • Are you talking about the puzzle piece mat? I don't know if it was my gross cats or what...but I felt like it was impossible to keep clean! Plus the one we had smelled like chemicals sooooo much and all my Evan wanted to do was peel up and eat the pieces! I don't remember where I bought could have been a cheap set. Geez - I'm debbie downer today.
  • I wanted one but picture the dog hair sticking to it and being a constant thing to clean.
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  • We love ours from BRU.....yes he does eat the pieces, but I vacuum the whole mat a great!
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