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F/u appt. to anemia concern

Matty went for another appt. concerning his anemia and lack of weight gain. The good news is he gained a whole pound in just three weeks. So he is now at 18lbs 15 oz. so close to 19 lbs!  Operation Hanzel and Gretel is working.  The scary news is that Matt's last urine sample had very high sugar levels and the dr. is concerned it is diabetes after taking into account his drop in weight.

When I asked what would cause it when there is no history of diabetes in either DH and my family he suggested diet.  Now that upset me because we never give Matt anything that has added sugar. All of his foods are all natural, no added sugar, organic, and hormone free.  His crackers taste like cardboard because there is no added sugar or salt.  The sweetest thing he gets all day is a banana.

DH suggested it has to do with sugar levels in my BM and I would die if my unhealthy diet impacted Matty so that he got diabetes.

Of course I googled infant diabetes and Matt doesn't seem to have any of the symptoms so I am very hopeful.  This time around they drew blood to get an official test. I should find out tomorrow. I am just going to lock everything out until I get the call from the pedi tomorrow.


Re: F/u appt. to anemia concern

  • Anything about the anemia (or is that what the blood test was for?).

    Sending good thoughts your way - if it is in fact diabetes (which from what you said it doesn't seem like it), then it sounds like all that needs to happen is a modification in his/your diet and all will be fine.  Are you going to stop BFing at 1 year?  If so, it's just a couple more months (YIKES - can't believe he's almost 1!!!)  Don't feel badly - it could just be a fluke.  

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  • Oh how stressful!  I hope everything turns out okay, and please keep us posted.

    I sincerely hope that it doesn't turn out to be diabetes, but if it does I can't believe that you did anything to trigger it.  I highly doubt your BM has anything to do with it, and it's upsetting to me that the doctor would suggest it could be diet-related in a baby that young.  One of my best friends has Type 1 diabetes, and her family was super healthy.  They were always active, and their mom never gave them sweets.  They had watermelon on their birthdays instead of cake, for goodness sake!  Honestly, I think Type 1 diabetes is still very much a mystery.

    I'll keep your little guy in my thoughts!

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  • I'll keep my fingers crossed that all is OK with Matty and that it's not diabetes.  But yay for gaining weight!

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  • I am sorry I missed your first post, has he lost or just not gained as he has grown? I guess I was under the impression that BM would have about the same composition regardless of mother's diet, esp. not to degree that it would show up in his urine. I could imagine some variation between a really healthy mom and one who ate nothing but HoHo's and Cherry Slurpies from the 7-11, but that would be the extreme. Maybe you can go to Kellymom and ask about it. I know they have a robust BF community. You could also ask on the BF board. GL - I hope it isn't diabetes. I know we tend to beat ourselves up over everything, but I would just be so surprised if it is anything you did.
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  • steverstever member
    That all sounds bewildering, but yay for the weight gain! Fingers crossed for good news from the pedi.
  • Whoa!  Yay for Matty's weight gain, but freaky about the blood sugar!  I hope it's nothing!
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  • I agree with the other ladies that your DH is probably wrong.  I can't imagine that your diet could give your baby diabetes.  If that was true, they would have warned ALL of us about that, and we would have read it in What to Expect, Baby 411, etc.

    Keep us posted!

  • It's not you. The amount of sugar in BM has nothing to do with the amount of sugar in your diet.

    Sorry you're going through this. I hope he's fine.

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