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Thankful Thursday....

My local board has started doing this post recently and I kinda like the concept as with crazy lives with newborns/infants we tend to forget the good things during all those sleepless I thought I would post this here.

I am thankful that my dear sweet DS is sleeping 8 HRS AT NIGHT!!!! Mommy and daddy are so very HAPPY!!!!Party!!!. We are also thankful that so much family will be coming into town this weekend for DS baptism on Saturday.

I am also thankful that my sweet baby S is doing so well at pre-school. had my Parent-Teacher conference on tuesday and they love her. And she has been doing so well at the potty-training that they gave us the go-ahead to train underwear instead of pull-ups next week. My god what a relief that will be if she will finally transition!!!! She does 100% at school but maybe only 50% at home so we have been hesitant to put her in them.

I am also thankful for having good friends that support me in raising money for Pancreatic Cancer in memory of my Dad. It's very fitting that the walk is Father's Day weekend and 2 days after my dad's birthday.

And finally I am thankful for this awesome group of ladies who relate to most of the things I go through being an older mom. The other boards I kinda end up laughing at all the drama...I just get annoyed. Everyone here is just so darn nice and wants to be helpful!!!! so THANKS!!!!

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Re: Thankful Thursday....

  • Ooh!! I love the thankful game :)

    I'm thankful that:

    my lettuce is growing despite the poor sunshine and ridiculous rain and wind lately.

    I bought a Swiffer wet jet. A guilty pleasure, as I'm sure that cleanser is toxic and the pads will end up in the landfill. But there is a chance that Ada will get less crap in her mouth

    DH and I have a date coming up

    Ada loves to be tickled

    Ada took a long nap this morning. 


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  • jarbatzjarbatz member

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea Karen!!   So much better than the FFFC on the other boards!

    I am thankful for:

    That my dad is finally doing better and is even able to leave the hospital for short trips out.  His first in 4 months. 

    That my dad's swallowing function returned and he is eating real food...his first in 4 months.

    The 2 very long naps Brenna took today

    That Brenna is a healthy, happy (for the most part) baby

    That DH & I are getting a night out to ourselves this w/e (Brenna staying with family on Saturday night!)

    Finally, that Karen started this thread!

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  • M.AmyM.Amy member

    I am thankful that Matt gained a pound!

    I am thankful that if Matt does have diabetes that the new healthcare law passed so that no insurance provider can deny him coverage because he has a pre-existing condition. 

  • That is wonderful - what great news!  Congrats on all of your good news.

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