Parenting after 35

*~* Peppernut*~*

We moved our 4 cats from FL to CA about 3 years ago. Let me know if you want to know how we did it! I'm also here if you want/need veterinary advice but don't want to know about our move ;)
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Re: *~* Peppernut*~*

  • Oh, wow, that would be so awesome!  When I moved to Canada, before I met Rom, I brought my one cat in a soft carrier with me in the cabin.  I think with three plus a baby that might be a little much for the trip back.

    We'll drive it if we have to, but we're hoping we can find a safe way to get everyone to California a little quicker, and less painfully.  Any advice you have is more than welcome, it's needed!  :) 

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