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Transferring question

Hi ladies, I lurk mostly on other boards on the site but thought you are my only option without upsetting DH. DH is currently in the National Guard and put in his request to go active Army at the end of March or the beginning of April and still hasnt heard anything about it yet. Does anyone have any idea how long it normally takes before the approve or deny it? TIA

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Re: Transferring question

  • You may want to cross-post this on the Military Nesties board on the Nest--it is a busier board and you may get more responses.

    Best of luck to your DH! (And your family, too!) 

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  • My H is doing this right now. His packet finally got approved and he'll go to Meps mid June hopefully.

    It's a really long process IMO.

    How much longer does your H have left on his contract with the NG? Does he have enough time left where they can get another deployment out of him? 

    For my H's circumstances, he was not useful to the NG in terms of deployments. He had just returned from a deployment and would have less than 9 months by the time he got out of the NG upon coming off of Title 10 orders. 

    He put in his packet in October 09. We hit some bumps b/c he was attached to a different unit while deployed and they couldn't approve/deny his packet so he had to wait until he was officially with his home unit again. So, come January he resubmitted it. It made it up the chain and all and it got it's official approval just the other day so almost 6 months is how long it took for him.

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  • Thank you ladies so much for replying .... I will c&p this to the nesties board =) ....

    I'm not exactly sure how much longer he has on his contract b/c he is college first and he has never been deployed. September this year will make 3 years since he's been in and he's an E-4 now as a 88M. His unit is also being dismantled because most of them just got deployed and the few that are left were given the option to change MOS or go to another unit which is another reason why I dont understand why it's taking so long.

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