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Hi Ladies,

I'm wondering who the recommended childcare centers or sitters are in Sumner County.  I'm looking at all types of places: churches, In-home daycares, nannies, etc.  Preferably Gallatin.  Also, any recommendations on pediatricians?

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Re: Sumner County Moms

  • I am hoping you get some good responses re: childcare.  Sorry I don't have any.  I currently work as a public health nurse in Davidson Co. and have worked with private providers in the community...but only in Davidson Co.  I am currently considering Goodlettsville Pediatrics or Rivergate Pediatrics...they are both located in Goodlettsville. Unfortunately I am not familiar with the peds in Sumner Co.  I live in Hendersonville and Goodlettsville seems like a short trip for docs and nurses I know are great!  Professionally, I have been impressed with both practices.

  • well as for doctors, if you are in the Hendersonville area Dr Ken Wyatt and North Children's Clinic are amazing. There is also a great daycare based out of First United Methodist Church in Hendersonville. I hope that helps
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  • I normally just check this board every once in a while because it's not very active, but I just wanted to say that I am so glad there are people close to and in Sumner county who check the board! That's awesome... I've lived in Sumner county since my childhood.

  • I've heard some good reports of North Children's Clinic.  They are actually on my current list.  As for HFUMC, that is the church I attend.  I would absolutly choose them, but I'm looking for a place in Gallatin.  It would just be better for my husband and I.  We live on the other side of Gallatin toward Castalian Springs.

    Thanks everyone for your input!  :)  I'll check back soon to see if anyone else has suggestions as well.

    Leah ><>

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  • We live in Hendersonville and go to Goodlettsville Pediatrics. I really like them. I don't know much about childcare places in the area. I know The Goddard School just opened in Indian Lake b/c I got a mailer last week. It would be new and clean--might be worth setting up a tour to look.
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  • Thanks Sarah.  I will look into The Goddard School (if I can't find anything in Gallatin).  I also have friends who use Goodlettsville Pediatrics and they have great reviews.  Its a little far (I'd like to stay in Gallatin).  I appreciate the suggestions.  :)
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  • I'm late, but I wanted to say that we go to Gallatin Children's Clinic and REALLY like it. We see Dr.Kastner, who I think is full, but we've had great experiences with other peds as well. Burke and Collins are both great, as is Jasmine. We've been happy with the whole practice, overall.

    No help on the childcare, sorry!

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