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I had to tell you, I've been buying blocks of cheese and grating them myself for a couple of weeks now (tastes so much better AND saves money!) b/c of a post I read on your blog a while ago.

But I was starting to think you were a little crazy for doing this all of the time until I read your latest post about using the food processor and freezing it- DUH! I was hand grating however much I needed at every meal, lol.

How do you freeze it? Just stick it in a freezer bag, or do you wrap it in something else first? And what size portions do you freeze? I'm guessing it's still good for a few days in the fridge if you don't use it all after you defrost some?

Sorry for so many questions, lol. I love this idea though, b/c I spend so much money on grated cheese.

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Re: Backthepack

  • Well, sometimes I do it your way too. If I'm cooking the cheese like in a casserole or lasagna, then I'll use some from the freezer, but if I'm using it fresh (like on a salad or taco topping), then I grate however much we need. I just like the fresh better for that. Here's more than you probably want to know about my cheese routine.

    First off, I usually buy the HUGE blocks of cheese at Sam's. I didn't realize how much money I could have been saving by doing this. You get like twice as much cheese for the money than buying it at Walmart (which I've found is cheapest otherwise). Sometimes I get cheese from Costco too, but it's still a little cheaper at Sam's.

     When I grate it, I usually just put it in a gallon freezer bag and freeze it flat. The cheese breaks up really easily when you need it, so I just reach in & grab whatever amount I need. I do this especially with mozzarella because that's a cheese I don't use all that often.

    That's my lazy way to do it, but you could put it in quart bags and take it out a bag at a time. I'm sure it would keep fine for a week or so - maybe longer. If you want smaller than quart, you could probably put it in smaller bags (maybe even the snack baggies) and then put all of those in a gallon bag.

    I do highly recommend Ziploc Freezer bags (or at least some type of freezer-grade bag). You wouldn't want all that cheese to get freezer burn!

     Happy shredding! :)

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