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Fathers day care package idea?

This is DH and I's  first baby.  I was thinking of sending him the book What to Expect  for Fathers and a "daddy and me" book he could  read to the baby, well  my bell over skype.  Besides that - I'm clueless.  What would you suggest?

Re: Fathers day care package idea?

  • There's some funny books that are just as informative.

    My boys can swim

    Hold it like a football, just dont spike it.

    And a couple more on Amazon,com.  They aren't so mushy but teach them all the same stuff in man language!!!

    Id send him "Im going to be a Daddy" t-shirt or something like that.  Also some onsies would probably be cute.  

    Or send him "Hold it like a football" and dress a football in a onsie!!  Ha  o cute!!

  • May be a little late, but when I was PG and DH was gonna deploy, I was going to send a voice recorder and a couple baby books, or at least the stories typed and printed out so he could record himself reading them and I could play it for the baby both while I was pregnant and once the baby was born (it was supposed to be born midway through deployment)
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