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Hello everyone. This is my first time posting here but I figured this board could help me out.  I currently have a Maya Wrap and a Bjorn carrier and I don't like either of them.  The Maya Wrap seems to just be annoying to get on well and the Bjorn is starting to hurt my back.  My DD is about 14 lbs and I am wondering what you guys might suggest for baby wearing.  I don't want something that's to complicated to put on and i'd like something that will last awhile if that is possible.  TIA.  
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Re: Baby Wearing

  • I love my Ergo, and both my husband and I (and several family members) have used it since DS was about 3 months old. Its so easy and I like that I can wear him on the front or back. There are a ton of different options available though beyond the Ergo (and they are a lot cuter too :) )   

    We have a guide to babywearing on our blog that might help:

  • I'd recommend an Ergo, or a Beco.
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  • jshfjshf member
    So far I like the beco best.  It is very comfy and easy to use.  I heard they are coming out with one that outward faces too, so if you want it to be more versatile, you might want to check that one out. Everyone has their favorites, so it might be trial and error.  I got the mei tai and didn't like it all, but some people love it!  GL!
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