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I finally got the job offer!!

So I had my first job interview in November and I finally got the offer today! I'll be working from home full time and can't wait! Have to give a decent amount of notice, but it'll be so much better than commuting to Wake Forest! BTW, if you're my facebook friend, please don't say anything. I have to tell my boss tomorrow! yay!!!

Re: I finally got the job offer!!

  • Congratulations!
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  • That is awesome! Well worth the wait, I hope! :-) Congrats!

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  • cmbrowncmbrown member
    How exciting!  Congrats!  Will DD still go to daycare?
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  • Congrats!

    (I'm super jealous that you get to work from home by the way! Stick out tongue)

  • Woohoo - Congratulations!
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  • That's wonderful!  Congratulations!
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  • we actually have in home care (at our house) so i think it'll be a little difficult at first to have DD want to come and hang out with mommy all day, but our nanny is pretty good at taking her out and about ;-) I'll just get to steal kisses all day long!
  • Congratulations to you! How exciting to have a new job and the flexibility of working from home. I work from home and it is definitely an adjustment at first, but I am so used to it now and I love it!
  • YAY! Congrats!
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  • how exciting!! congratulations. 
  • this is fantastic news. Congratulations! You will love working from home and having a down-the-stairs or down-the-hall commute. M is also in our home while I'm working with our babysitter and it works out just fine. Good luck giving notice and keep us updated on the transition.
  • Yay so glad it worked out!!!!  Now we'll need another dinner to celebrate.
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