Twin shower invitations..

I've been looking online for shower invitations for twins but haven't found any I really like. So I guess I'll be designing my own. Just wondered if any of you had any cute sayings or wordings to let people know that it's twins. We will find out genders Tuesday (hopefully) and so I would kinda like to let everyone know what they are, whether it's by saying "a boy and a girl, two boys, two girls" or by having the babies' names on the invitation.

Any input is appreciated :)

Re: Twin shower invitations..

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    Its raining, Its pouring

    Its TWIN BOYS we'll be adoring"

    Come join us as we celebrate a

    Baby shower/Sprinkle


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    My 'two peas in a pod' invites said:

    "Two peas in a pod, two bundles of joy;
    Two gifts from heaven, one girl and one boy!"

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    cadencaden member
    I'm designing my own invites too and using the 2 peas in a pod theme
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    cadencaden member

    Not sure if this is too cheesy, but here's another pea pod invite poem:

    Two peas in a pod, just as snug as a bug
    Two babies to cuddle, to kiss and to hug
    We couldn?t be happier, for we?re aware
    The best of all things in the world come in pairs. 

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    mine had a fairly long poem.  I will try to find it.  I have had to design almost everything myself, because what there is out there for twins is even less when its boy/girl because you can't just use a regular girl or boy  invite and beef it up
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    We did Thing 1 and Thing 2 and my invites said:

    It is time for a baby shower

    Think pink and blue

    In honor of (my name)

    Who is having not one but two!

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    These are great, keep 'em coming.

    I just wish VistaPrint's free invitation with free upload offer lasted until Tuesday instead of Monday. :)

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    Two by two, here they come.

    Having twins is so much fun! 

    Mason & Max are on their way, 

    come celebrate before the big day.

    Please join us for a baby shower honoring...


    My sister made mine- they look great and saved some money!! She just took the copy to a local print shop! 

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    My mom made ours and it said something like:

    Twice the babies to love and teach

    The _____'s are expecting one of each. 

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