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In the near future I will have the need to use a web cam to chat with DH. I was wondering if you ladies had any recommendations. Also I was thinking that we could use Skype, but is that a secure route or is there a better program to use?


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  • I love skype. It has always work well for me.

    I use the built in web cam on my mac laptop.

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  • imageshellyxo:

    I love skype. It has always work well for me.

    I use the built in web cam on my mac laptop.

    All of this is true for me too. Skype is just awesome, you should look into it a bit, since we've been military for a while, our friends are all over the world, it saves us a ton of money. 

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  • Thanks for the advice. He has a built in web cam on his laptop but we need one for me at home. I have heard good things about skype so I think that is the route I am going to take, but as technology always changes I was just checking if there was a better program out there.Thanks again!
  • magretmagret member
    We can never get skype to work so we have started to use the video part in gmail chat.  We have better luck with that one.  Hope this helps,  GL
  • We both have one of the nicer Logitech ones (I had a cheap Logitech one and it was crap so I spent more money to have a better one).  It has a built in mic too.  Skype was iffy for us for some reason so we used yahoo messenger.  We typed and had the video going.  No matter what messenger we used we could only get a good connection with either the mic or the webcam going, not both at once.  We would switch it back and forth sometimes so the kids could talk to him then they would see him as I typed to him.
  • We always had a hard time with skype, so we also used the gmail video chat feature. I don't think any of those sites are super secure (not an expert, I'm just guessing) so I would still be careful what you say and wear. We had the built in cameras as well, sorry can't help with that.
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