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Summer activities...what to do??

I am a teacher and I will be on summer break very very soon (thank the Lord). I'm trying to think of activities to do with my little one during the summer months. So far I'm planning the park, the zoo, the pool, the beach, and Gymboree. Are there any other ideas that you can think of? He's only 10 months old, so I don't know if he'll do OK in museums, etc.

Any suggestions???

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Re: Summer activities...what to do??

  • not for sure wehre you live...

    but in fort lauderdale there is croissant water park that is free to go to.

    there is also a cafe au play in pembroke pines.

    busy bee kidsz in cooper city

    just some ideas. im also a teacher and getting soo excited for all the time with my little man!

  • I'm also a teacher and I'm joining a summer playgroup that another mom organizes.  I'd offer to pass on the info to you - but dd will be one of the youngest - it's really geared for 2-5 yr olds. 

    I'll be home all summer... I'm definitely going to organize a few play dates.  I have no intentions of staying home all summer.  We're going to go out and about a lot.  I have a feeling we'll spend a lot of time in the pool.  

    I love summer and getting to play stay at home mommy. 

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  • let's set up playdates!!!

    did you notice the park at the end of CW is finally finished??  there are no slides, but they have the little kiddie swings and it's covered, so you don't have to worry about the sun beating down on them :)

  • I know there are a couple of places doing summer special. Like Metro Zoo is having a $5 enterance fee for everyone on the weekend of July 4th. There is also the Pinecrest Gardens that they have a little water area, the gardens and a petting zoo the enterance to that is $3. There is also a special with the Miami Seaquarium but I'm not too sure what it is. Finally, bumpie Yvette is planning a bumpie summer gtgs with the babies and mommies. Which is a great idea. So just a couple of things to look forward to.
  • I don't really know what we're going to do.  Liev will still be in daycare full time for at least two more weeks while I recover a bit more but he'll be home most of the week.  We have a Fairchild Tropical Garden membership so I suspect we'll be going quite a bit.  Then there's the little water park at Pinecrest Gardens.  I live in Homestead so I'm pretty far from most things so we'll see how it goes.
  • I have a busy summer with photography and helping out my husband with his business, so Zachary is going to start preschool for the summer camp session 3 days a week half days for the first time! I am so excited to see how he likes it.

    The other 2 days a week I really want to get together with other moms, play with my little guy, and be 100% there for my boy and not think about work at ALL. I'd love to get together with anyone on Tues/Thurs when Zachary will not be in school. :)

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