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doc couldn't do HSG (long)

I'm am devastated. I had my HSG appt this morning, and the doc couldn't get the catheter into my cervix. she tried every which way, using different tools and couldn't do it. I was in a LOT of pain for the time she was poking around in there. after a while without success, she decided to stop.

she was really surprised that I had delivered vaginally before, because the cervix seemed so closed up. she said that might have something to do with our IF and that she'd get a report off to our RE.

 I am just crushed. I know my cervix must be open to some degree, because otherwise, my period wouldn't come out. (plus, we had a chemical pg recently.)

 still I feel like this must be a strike against us. even if sperm are getting up there, the passage they have to travel through is small -- so it's not a stretch to conclude that a lesser amount is passing through than if I had a normal opening.

 I called my IF nurse to ask her about next steps. the radiologist today said that I might have to have the HSG done at a hospital, where they could monitor me if they encountered problems during a more aggressive try of getting through the cervix. (scary.)

at any rate, I'm going to have to wait until the next cycle before I can get tested again.

I'm so tired of everything. is it too much to expect that I could at least get tested??? sheesh!

 thanks for letting me vent.

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Re: doc couldn't do HSG (long)

  • I never did deliver vaginally so after I had DD and got an IUD (for awhile) they couldn't get it in without dilating my cervix a bit. Easy peasy the doctor just used a bit of prostaglandin gel. Maybe you could ask about this? 

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  • I'm so sorry :(  I've heard of that happening to other people. ((hugs))
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    I'm so sorry!  Hopefully next time will be a little easier!
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  • Sounds horrible! So sorry you had to go through that!
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  • I'm sorry you had such an experience.  I hope they can get you back in soon to get everything checked out.
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  • I'm sorry :(  That sounds really painful.  I had an HSG yesterday and it hurt enough...can't imagine how you must have been feeling.  Hope they figure something out for you soon!
  • I'm new to this board, but I wanted to reply to your post because something similar happened to me. It took MULTIPLE tries to get the cannula through my cervix because it was closed so tightly (despite having a previous vaginal birth). It was excrutiating and I cried through the whole thing. I wanted to call the whole thing off because I didn't think I could tolerate any more jabbing and poking. In the end, the OB had to call for another doctor to bring a different kind of device (while I waited on the table shaking from pain with the speculum still in me) which ultimately assisted her in getting the right angle so she could get it through. It has scared me so much that I'm not sure I'll ever get an IUD if that's what is involved! I would be really surprised if the tightness of your cervix is preventing sperm from getting through (as you said, you get your period every month etc.)...but I'm obviously not an expert on this.
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