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Pampers Dry Max

So I understand soom LO's have had some very serious reactions to these diapers...far more then just diaper rashes.  Burns in the shape of the actual diaper (see posting on 3-6 board).  Luckily I have had no such problems to date. 

That said I really don't want to continue buying this product.  What do you guys use that works (since that's key here).

Re: Pampers Dry Max

  • I just started using the dry max and have had no issues. I think Pampers put out a statement standing behind their product. I am not sure what that is worth in this day and age.
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  • We have continued to use and have had no problem. Well, actually I switched her for a short while to target brand and then she got a diaper rash so we switched back and it went away
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    We're using Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers, which do not have the dry max. They go up to size two, which she is in now. Not sure what we'll do after that - the dry max scares me!
  • Sorry, no help here, either.  We're using the Pampers Dry Max with no issues.  Which is surprising considering C has the worst rashy skin everywhere else!  But his little bum is fine.
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  • I've heard good things about the Target Up & Up diapers, and people always used to rave about Luvs on the nest/bump.

    We're still using Pampers (thankfully with no issues) because S is crazy about the Sesame Street characters on the diapers.  I tried switching her, and she complained constantly about wanting her diaper changed.  Apparently, two year olds are very brand-loyal.

  • We were using Pampers with Dry Max and during that time C got a rashy spot on one bun the size of a quarter. I don't know if it was caused by or just coincidental to the Pampers. Anyway, she was just having way too many blowouts in the Pampers so we switched to Huggies and have been happy with those. I have also used Costco's store brand with no problems.

    We normally buy the cheaper brands and just had the Pampers because of a $10 coupon. It's hard for me to justify spending top dollar on something to be pooped on.

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  • I'm still using them.  In fact, I just bought two more value boxes. Though I often wonder if I should return them due to all the negative reviews.  Aaron gets occasional diaper rash right by his anus (sorry if TMI) and I really can't blame the diapers for that?since it happens with others, too.



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  • Thanks. And sorry for the typo ("some")
  • We've had no problems with the pampers. I tried the huggies when she still needed the cord cut-out, and she got red with them, so I've only bought pampers. But someone gave us some Luvs and I actually prefer the fit of them. She has sumo-wrestler thighs and the pampers seem to dig in a bit. I'll buy luvs next time, in part because of the bad publicity around the pampers lately.
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  • I didn't know about the bad publicity but about 10 of the diapers in my last 2 boxes of pampers were defective, they had no tabs or split tabs, it was really annoying. Mainly I hate the smell of the dry-max and am planning on buying Luvs or something else for our next round.
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  • I use the Dry Max too and actually work for P&G which makes Pampers. We've had no problems whatsoever and actually had a horrible time with huggies. ( leaking and blowouts)  We actually really liked the Pampers baby dry too and used those before the new Cruisers came out. FYI Luvs is a P&G brand too for those of you that are planning on switching and trying to boycott P&G.
  • I don't care about a boycott, just that yucky plasticy smell. Luvs doesn't seem to have it like the dry-max does.
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  • We switched to Huggies.  We didn't have the rash issues, but once they switched the Cruisers and the Baby Dry to the Dry-Max, she started soaking through every single night (in the Baby Dry), and having leaks during the day too (in the Cruisers). 

    Now we use Huggies Overnight and Huggies Supreme Little Movers, and couldn't be happier.

  • We use crazy granola Canadian dipes, and love them.  I will be sad when we're in the States and they aren't so easy to get...


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  • We had a problem w/the Dry Max diapers w/DS as well.  They stuck to his skin and gave him bad, raw rashes.  Found success w/ Pampers Sensitive and Luvs.  Have been using Luvs for about a month now and they're working great.  They don't have the color strip to tell at a glance if diaper is wet, but they are quite a bit less $$ than the Pampers Sensitive diapers.
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  • I use whatever is on sale - I actually like Target diapers.
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  • We've had no problems with the dry max - either rashes or blow outs, actually have never had a leak.  DH and I've talked about switching given all the controversy, but ultimately decided if it's not broken don't fix it.  We tried the target diapers when DD was younger and had no leaks, but they never seemed to fit right.
  • We've used most brands thanks to all of the tons of diapers I got at our baby showers, the only brand I've actually purchased was a box of Costco diapers when they were on sale and they looked identical to the Pampers we had been using. Yep, I realize how lucky I am to have a 4 month old and have only purchased one box of diapers! We wouldn't have had to purchase any yet (we still have 3 boxes of size 3's when he gets to that point) but the Costco ones had a great coupon and he was still a little small for the 3's we have left from our shower!

    L has never had a problem with any of them...

  • I used Pampers Swaddlers, Cruisers and now Dry Max, so no issues. But that's pretty strange, I wonder if there's a particular ingredient that other diapers don't have?
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