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So tell me about your Mem. Day plans.

We got nuthin.  And so far, I'm ok with it.

Good morning, BTW.

Re: So tell me about your Mem. Day plans.

  • We probably wont do anything.  Unless, of course, the ILs call at the last minute like always to let us know they planned a cookout that they forgot to invite us to.
  • Cookout with ILs.  I would much prefer nuthin. 

    Oh, and reason #851 MIL annoys the piss out of me:  She asks what time would work best for us since she knows all about my child's anal retentive need to stay on schedule to prevent meltdowns.  I tell her he usually eats around 12/12:30.  She then proceeds to tell me that she would probably have try to have lunch ready between 1-2.  Then why the fluck did you bother asking?

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  • We got invited to a cookout (but no particular day has been planned) with my brother, (pregnant) SIL, my mom, and her husband (no particular place has been planned).

    So, in essence, we got nuthin. 

  • bancbevbancbev member
    My bil, sil & nephew will be here.  The boys are going fishing in the am.  I think me, sil & nephew will just hang by the pool and then we will all grill out in the afternoon.
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  • We go to Maine for the weekend every year.
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  • My parents are coming over for dinner, and we're telling them. I'm so excited and nervous!
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  • Hanging out with TW!
    JHL 12/5/09 - 12/9/09
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  • krate24krate24 member
    We are having friends over on Friday night for a BBQ and a fire in the fire pit.  Then we are going to a BBQ on Saturday.  No plans on Sunday.  Monday is my stepdad's b-day, so we'll be headed down to my parents, although I'm not sure what we'll be doing.
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  • Morning sunshine.


    Tomorrow - taking K man to the Strong Museum of Play with two of my favorite little twins

    Saturday - going to Albany for a cook out/friends reunion (all of us haven't been together in almost 2 years!)

    Sunday - breakfast then back home - vegging for most of the day

    Monday - probably the zoo if it isn't too warm.

  • Morning beautiful ladies!

    We are going to go get our yearly state park pass and spend the day at Pike Lake.  We'll walk the trails, lie about on the beach, and cook out too.

    I'm stoked.  

    Jack Donovan, b. Christmas Eve, 2009.

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  • Morning love.

    We have a wedding Saturday at which I will get to see semi-famous people.  Sunday we may go to a cookout, depending on how late we stay at the wedding.  Monday, nothing.  I am hoping we get to finish Henry's room at some point.

  • You ladies mostly sound like you're going to have lovely weekends!

    Perhaps I should force K to take me on a date or something.

  • We will spend the long weekend getting the guest bedroom moved into the new office to make way for the nursery!

    Plans are to:  paint the future guest bedroom, clean the carpets, move the furniture once carpets are dry, and clean the carpets of the future nursery.

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