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can't sleep :(

So today DD was getting into everything, per usual, and she was pulling pages out of a notebook.  When I went to take it away from her I noticed it was something of DHs.  The page that happened to be open was about he wanted a divorce from me and isn't happy and stuff like that.  I wish I didn't read it!  Its killing me!  DH is TDY right now and I have no intentions of bringing it up while he is gone, cause thats just not fair.  But its eating me alive.  I just don't understand.  I mean why did we start a family if he doesn't want to be with me?  I am really confused and hurt.  Ugg...okay sorry I'm done.

 Have a good night everyone! 

Re: can't sleep :(

  • Backstory?  Sorry, t&ps!
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  • magretmagret member
    To be honest there isn't, that I know of.  I had no idea he felt this way.  I was and am happy and thought he was but I guess not.
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  • Not that it makes it any better, but do you know when he wrote it? I wouldn't be able to hold it in but I'm rash like that. Good luck!
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  • IlumineIlumine member

    Try not to jump the gun YET.  When did he write this?  Was it right after a huge disagreement?

    Journaling is a way to WRITE THROUGH your feelings.  And many times it is just an immediate set of feelings.

    And this is from my own personal life - there have been two occassions where I not only wanted to leave my DH, but wrote it out on one of the other boards. 

    Do I really want to leave him? No.  But at that moment, in that specific circumstance I was ready to go. 

    And in that FIRST instance, I never even told him how upset I was because the situation worked itself out without my intervention. 

    So keep calm and talk to him when he gets home.

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